Command Center

When you implement MWM, you get a centralized Command Center for your Company to automate every activities related to your field force. It allows you to centrally manage your field staff, view attendance report, track staff GPS location, assign tasks like leads, deliveries/pickups, Service calls etc, view real time progress of assigned tasks, get customized […]

Staff Attendance & Tracking

Your field staff will mark attendance and check-in/out time from mobile. App will be continuously sending the GPS location of the staff to central system. You will be able to see availability of your Field Force in real time, idle time and can also track their movement history. Advantage: More productive field force, since they […]

Scheduling & Task Assignment

Do you need to call multiple field staffs to find who is near a particular location and when can he reach there to do a service, pickup or client meeting? Struggle no more, MWM will automatically display you the nearest staff(s) based on their GPS location and also indicate the pending tasks with them. Simply […]

Instant Reports

Your field staff may be engaged in activities like Attending customer complaints/service calls, Delivery/pick up of goods, Sales & Marketing, Door to door survey Payment collection and order booking. How about getting progress reports instantly of the above activities from your field teams? Using MWM app, your staff will be able to submit reports using […]

Performance Monitoring

You will be able to view performance report of your field staff with details like attendance report, hours of duty performed, tasks assigned, tasks completed, distance traveled, idle time, places visited, reports submitted etc through Dashboards and reports of MWM. All above will be available in real time without any human intervention. Advantage: You can […]

Survey & Data Collection

You can create customized Surveys and Data collection forms on portal using our drag and drop form creator module and publish the form in minutes. Your field force will be able to view the new survey form and start collecting data using MWM mobile app. You will be able to see the real time survey […]